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A Guide to Roof Replacement and Installation in New Paltz, NY

The process used to replace or install a roof will be a bit different from one roofer to the next. It can also vary depending on the types of materials used for your roof replacement in New Paltz, NY – but we’ve outlined the basic steps that we use on the majority of our projects below.

Step One: Initial Inspection, Needs Assessment, and Estimate

Before we begin the process of replacing your roof we start by getting on the roof and performing full inspection. Once we know what we need to do we provide an estimate. This might seem like an obvious first step but some roofers don’t actually get up on the roof and provide an estimate for roof installation in New Paltz, NY – they just assume what needs to be done.

Material Delivery and Protecting Your Property During Roof Installation in New Paltz, NY

Step Two: Delivering Your New Roof

Once you’ve decided on the roofing materials you want to install we’ll have them delivered (typically on the same day the installation takes place). We’ll be sure to put them in a dry place that is easily accessible. It is very rare for us to need to deliver the materials several days in advance, but in some instances we may have to arrange to do so.

Step Three: Protecting Your Vehicles and Property

One of the most important steps for us is to protect your property, including your vehicles, from any debris that may be strewn about the job site. While we do work exceptionally carefully it is just the nature of the process of roof replacement and installation in New Paltz, NY – materials are coming down from the roof to be shoveled up and collected in a dumpster.

We take great care to protect your landscaping, windows, and other delicate elements of your home’s exterior. You’ll also be given time to move your cars from the garage and driveway, both to protect them and to allow you the freedom to come and go during the project.

Removal and Installation

Step Four: Tearing Off the Old Roof

Now that the materials are delivered and the property is protected we’ll get to work on what is known as the “tear off” in roofing jargon. We typically start as far as possible from the dumpster and then move in that direction so that we’re able to gather all of the materials for easy removal. Once we’ve torn off one section another crew will move in behind them to start laying down the new roof – this is one of the secrets of our speed.

Step Five: Roof Installation in New Paltz, NY

Once the roof is fully torn off we can continue and finish the installation of your roofing materials. We begin by installing the underlayment and drip edges – two components that help to keep moisture where it belongs (outside of your house). Next we begin with the starter shingles, then the regular shingles, and finally the ridge caps.

Once these steps are completed we can begin installing the ventilation system, which further helps to keep moisture from accumulating underneath the roof. It’s important this step is completed correctly to protect your roof for the long term.

Final Inspection and Cleanup

Once the process of roof installation in New Paltz, NY is completed we’ll begin the final inspection and then the cleanup. While we are confident in the quality of work we perform on each and every installation, we do realize that mistakes can be made. So we perform a thorough inspection of your roof replacement before signing off that it is completed.

We specifically focus our final installation on areas that we know are prone to leaking such as near skylights and chimneys. When we are certain the project is completed to our satisfaction we then review the work with you while our crew gets to work cleaning up the job site.

They’ll carefully remove any debris that may have been left behind and go over your entire yard with a high-powered magnet to make sure any screws or other metal debris is picked up (keeping your yard safe for your pets and kids). We’ll also perform a final cleaning of your gutters to make sure we’ve removed any debris that may have accumulated there.

Financing New Paltz, NY Roof Installation

We work with a third party partner to provide financing for roof installation and replacement in New Paltz, NY. Call us today to learn more about your options and to schedule your initial appointment and estimate for roof installation.


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David and his team were exceptional. They came early, completed the roof in one day. Very professional, efficient and the cleaned up was extremely thorough. I am so happy with the price, service and the results.
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David and his team did an excellent job. He arrived on time and started the work immediately, but due to rain in the afternoon, they covered the roof and continued the work. They finished the job the next day. I was amazed at the speed, and quality of their work. I would recommend their work to anyone.
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Roof Replacement
David was very professional and courteous. His price was reasonable and his workmanship was excellent. I would recommend.
Roof Repair
We selected, out of four roofing vendors, XteriorPRO. David was professional, not pushy, and the most competitive. He also seemed very attentive and honest. We needed a new roof and siding from a very powerful hailstorm and XteriorPRO had also done work with some others in the neighborhood so that increased our confidence. David's crew was very thorough and polite. They did clean the job site very well after completion.
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