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Commercial Roofing in Wallkill, NY

commercial roofing wallkill ny

When you’re in search of a new roofing material for your business structure, it’s true that there are a lot of options out there. While TPO is a commonly-discussed one, EPDM offers a lot of benefits and potential savings to your commercial building.

The first reason that you should choose EPDM is its ability to cover a large amount of space in a single layer of material. While the main concern will obviously be protection from the elements, which EPDM does, something you might not consider is the long-term.

One of the biggest reasons that roofs need to be replaced or repaired after being weakened is moisture or water damage caused by rainfall and leaks. By EPDM being a single-ply membrane, meaning that it’s done in a single layer, it minimizes leaks.

By sealing together with an adhesive and being fastened to your roof, it can preserve your roof for years and avoid a costly roof repair or, worse, complete replacement. This also means that employees and customers will be safer from a possible roof collapse.

Keep in mind that EPDM is designed for roofs with a low slope or none at all, which fits the criteria of most commercial buildings. That’s why EPDM has been the go-to option by commercial contractors for 50 years.

EPDM Provides Great Protection for Commercial Roofing in Wallkill, NY

EPDM, or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, is basically a man-made rubber that has superior weather resistance and isn’t affected by sunlight. Specifically, EPDM holds up extremely well to the impacts of hail damage or the cold needed for that kind of storm.

While it may not be welded together for absolute leak prevention, it comes close and the lack of welding needed means that EPDM can be installed at any time during the year because of the many ways to fasten it.

In fact, the seam adhesive will need maintenance after enough time to ensure the kind of leak protection you might get from something like TPO. However, the lower cost up front and the easier material means reduced maintenance costs down the road.

One of the other best things about how much EPDM can protect your commercial roof is that you can apply thicker layers of the synthetic material for maximum results. The thicker material will come with a higher price point, but it can be very cost-effective.

Save Money with EPDM for Commercial Roofing in Wallkill, NY

Speaking of cost, EPDM is the most affordable of the single-ply membranes or any commercial roofing in general, especially for what you’re getting. Considering the lifespan of around 25 years, you can have quality roofing for a quarter of a century with minimal maintenance.

You might be wondering how EPDM can affect the bills, which is a valid question. Because the cost is low for this particular material, keep in mind that any repair or replacement done will be cheaper than other options.

That’s also made possible because EPDM is so easy to install and work with, since it’s flexible like rubber. There’s no welding required for maintenance, so it takes less time and labor which translates to lower contractor costs.

Since the main color is black, which absorbs heat, and it has a high resistance to cold weather, EPDM performs better than most roofing in cooler climates. However, it does come in white that reflects heat for those warmer regions.

The last main monetary point involves solar panels, which are a great accessory to commercial roofs to provide free energy and save money. Black EPDM draws in sunlight, which can actually improve solar panels as opposed to many of the roofing material competitors.

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