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Commercial Roofing in Fishkill, NY

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Choose the Best Commercial Roofing Company in Fishkill, NY

When you’re looking to branch out or replace the roofing on your commercial building, there are several things to consider. What’s your competition using, what qualities does the material offer, and cost are the most popular questions asked and we have the answers.

Material Differences for Commercial Roofing in Fishkill, NY

Feel the BUR

A solid option for your roof is BUR, or Built-Up Roofing. Over a century of use in America has proven the effectiveness of this type of roofing. It’s “built-up” like a cake, with the first layer being a material like asphalt followed by a fabric and so on.

How many layers you choose will increase the cost and weight, but the top is covered with something hard like stone for the best exterior protection. As far as the cost goes, you’ll average about $7 per square foot depending on more or less layers and how long it takes to install.


  1. Long-lasting. BUR has a life span averaging 40 years.
  2. Waterproof. Because of the layers without anything being nailed or screwed, there’s basically no chance of a leak.
  3. No sun damage. Not only does the sun not affect the materials, but it protects your business from harsh UV rays.
  4. Easy to maintain. Needing practically no effort for maintenance, you’ll save time and money after the installation.

This Isn’t Sunscreen

While SPF has that connotation, it’s also Spray Polyurethane Foam in the roofing world. Acting kind of like whipped cream, this foam material is sprayed onto your roof and expands to solidify in a single layer of protection.

SPF has stayed under the radar for the 6 decades that it’s been around, but it’s great for almost any type of building from households to commercial structures. That’s because the hardened foam can stand up to any weather and lasts half a century at around $5-6 a square foot.


  1. Foam is efficient. Because of the material being able to fluctuate, it won’t crack over time. It also forms barriers that give it a superior R-rating for every square inch.
  2. Environmentally-conscious. Because you can spray SPF over existing roofing, there’s no waste of resources or trash. The ingredients of SPF also have no negative effects on the Earth or Ozone.
  3. Waterproof. Like BUR, SPF is a single layer with no seams to allow leaks. 


Half of Two-Ply

Single-ply membranes have been on roofs for a long time, with their rubber or alternate materials providing cover for years. These sheets are meshed together manually or chemically to form a protective layer for your building.

The good news is that single-ply membrane roofing is used by countless companies because of its options for any installation budget. Whatever you need for your roof, single-ply might have the answer.

There are 2 main types of membrane: EPDM and TPO. The former runs about $5-6 per square foot while the latter averages $5, but that includes all of the work required to lay it down and fasten it together.


  1. Holds up to tests. With a lifespan of 30 years, EPDM especially is a common choice for commercial real estate.
  2. There’s no built-in insulation with single-play membranes, so you have a choice of what kind of insulation you need for your particular structure.
  3. Potentially fire-retardant if you need that treatment.
  4. Hot or Cold. TPO is usually white, so it reflects sunlight, while EPDM tends to be darker and absorb heat, so you pick based on your climate. 

It’s Gonna Be Metal

Metal roofing has been around for a long time, being one of the most time-tested on this list. Using lighter metals, this type of roofing is protective and applicable for most structures with or without roofing already in place.

You have options for different coats to be applied, so metal roofing can resist rust, offer the UV resistance of other roofs, or become waterproof. The high-end of metal can be $10 for a square foot, but it can be as low as $5, with the coat and style you want.


  1. Lasts an average of 4 decades.
  2. Withstands extreme weather, like ice, snow, hail, or strong winds.
  3. Options of coating and style give you control.
  4. Recyclable for the eco-friendly customers.
  5. Metal is naturally fire retardant.

Shingle All the Way

Being most-common on arched or angled roofs, shingles are perfect for multiple climates and regions. Because they can be made of anything from metal and wood to plastic and asphalt, they fit almost any need.

Architectural shingles are thicker than the traditional asphalt shingles, with the former being stronger and better against weather effects. They also tend to have longer warranties available, sometimes being full lifetime options.

However, asphalt shingles are more common due to their affordability and efficiency. While they usually only come with a warranty up to 30 years, they earn their cost more than many of their roofing competitors. With that said, shingles average no more than $5 per square foot.


  1. Cost-effective. Not only are they cheaper than most roofing materials, but they can withstand punishment. In fact, some thicker shingles are rated at a class 4 against hail.
  2. Variety. Because of the number of materials to choose from, you’ll also have options of color and style for your roof.
  3. Easy to maintain. Repairs are easy for shingles but, if they’re not, they’re still usually cheaper to replace.
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