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Dealing With Insurance Companies After Storm Damage

Published 5/31/2023

We Can Help with Your Storm Damage Insurance Claim

There are many ways that storms and bad weather can affect your property, but your roof can get hit the hardest. Whether it’s damaged flashing or shingles that get pulled off, your home or business could need storm damage repair or even a complete roof replacement. If you suspect damages after a storm rolls through, you’ll need to file a claim with your insurance company.

Unfortunately, a lot of first-time homeowners can get overwhelmed with the process and paperwork needed for a successful claim. The best way to make sure you maximize your chances are by calling Xterior Pro Roofing & Siding, LLC as soon as possible after a storm or you notice any roofing damages. Our experts can help prepare you, but keep reading for more information!

Documenting Your Storm Damage

Whether you suspect issues after a storm or you see something wrong, it’s important to know what to do first. Documenting the damages to your roof is crucial to get ahead on a successful claim. Think about it this way: A fallen tree can cause significant damage that requires a roof replacement to fix.

Without proper documentation of the tree causing the hole in your roof, the insurance company might find a way to blame the damages on something else. One of the biggest reasons to call us as soon as possible is because we can help you know what to write down and take pictures of. 

Prior to your insurance company sending their adjuster for damage assessment, you should take countless pictures of the storm damages. Whether it can be fixed with our roof repair service or you need a new roof installation, documenting everything can help you get at least partial coverage.

Give Your Insurance a Call

Now that you’ve taken a lot of pictures of your roof damage, you should call your insurance provider. Time is of the essence when it comes to your roof after a storm. Waiting to contact your insurance company can tell them that the damages aren’t a priority, or that they’re not viable because you took too long to file. Either way, report your storm damage urgently. 

Hire Xterior Pro

Technically, you should start researching roofing contractors once you’ve filed your insurance claim. However, we know that we offer the best roof repair and replacement services around and have experience with all kinds of residential and commercial roofs. Just like filing your claim, you should call our trained experts as soon as possible.

We’ll inspect your roof and the rest of your property for signs of storm damage. If materials are damaged or torn off by heavy winds, they can expose the underlayment and decking of your roof. Because of that, signs of leaks and water damage can extend to your walls, ceilings, and foundation, so we’ll inspect everything. Some common types of damages are:

  1. Roof damage
  2. Water damage
  3. Wind damage

Because a restoration service for your roof is separate from the contractor for your insurance company, you get to decide who does your roof repair. Keep in mind that your insurance policy might have a clause that dictates damage to any property covered by them has to be taken care of by “a managed repair program.” 

We’ve been doing this for a long time and we strongly advise any home or business owner to avoid any insurance policy that has a clause of that nature. That will allow your insurance provider to restrict you on who performs your roof repair, taking the choice from you. Since proper storm damage repair can take months, it’s important to pick a contractor you trust.

You’ve Filed a Successful Claim and Got Money

It could take months for this day to come, but we’re assuming that you’ve gotten reimbursed by your claim. It could be a partial or full coverage for roof repair or replacement, so patience is a virtue. With this reimbursement, you’ll have options. Some homeowners attempt to do the repairs themselves and risk injury or making things worse.

Not only that, but you can end up spending just as much, if not more, by doing things yourself or hiring someone inexperienced. When you work with Xterior Pro Roofing & Siding, LLC, you can count on our knowledge to professionally take care of your roof installation or repair. There are many benefits to hiring us after a storm damages your roof.

We’ve got experience with storm damage repair. Because of that, we know what to look for throughout your property to spot the signs of water damage. Since moisture can attract mold growth or weaken your foundation, it’s important to have our experts help. We’ll inspect and identify issues and recommend the proper service, from roof repair to replacement. 

The most important thing is to contact Xterior Pro Roofing & Siding, LLC as soon as possible for the best outcome. We’ll help you throughout the roof repair process and make sure that your new or repaired roof is secure. We’ll also work fast to repair your roof before the next storm comes through!

Time for Negotiations

As you might’ve guessed, storm damage can be extremely expensive depending on the extent. Because of that, even a successful claim may not mean that your roof repair is covered entirely. In many cases, insurance companies try to only give partial reimbursement by citing “cosmetic damages” or other reasons.

These are damages that they claim to have been pre-existing, which is why it’s also important to document and keep records of any roof maintenance or repairs prior. If your insurance company doesn’t fully cover your storm damage repair, you can then start the ball rolling on a claims reversal. Our team can help you with the best public adjuster advice when you call today!

The Short Version for a Successful Storm Damage Claim

Xterior Pro Roofing & Siding, LLC has the experience you need throughout your insurance claim process and after. Because we’ve helped so many customers achieve a successful claim and provide many roofing services for your needs, we know the best advice to help. Here are 6 of the best ways to increase your chances of success for a storm damage insurance claim:

Documentation is key. Not only should you take pictures of everything after a storm, but you should keep track of any roof repair records leading up to the damage. After a claim is filed, your insurance company will send an adjuster to inspect damages. They’ll inspect your home or business, vehicles, and property for signs of storm damage. 

Make sure that all pictures and documents have dates and approximated values. If there was a receipt involved, have that handy. Give a copy of your documentation to the adjuster.

Make the call as soon as possible. The time for a valid insurance filing starts the moment disaster strikes your home or business. After a short time period, insurance policies don’t even consider a claim. They’ll need your policy number and a way to contact you, whether over the phone or via email. 

Insurance companies go by severity of damage, so it could take a while to get to you if the storm damage on your property wasn’t too extensive. Still, they’ll need a complete description of the damages to your home or business. Any special needs for you or your family should be included to help move things along faster. 

Be sure to ask the insurance company when your adjuster will reach out, because you want to prepare. You might also want to have the contact number for the adjuster’s supervisor, in case they have difficulties calling you. If the storm damage was bad enough to file a claim for flood insurance, you’ll need to contact whoever sold you that policy to get started.

Have text alerts turned on. A lot of modern insurance providers rely on text or SMS alerts to update customers on the status of a claim. Once you’ve successfully filed a claim, you’ll get a text message that lets you know. With your alerts enabled, you’ll also have a notification when your estimate is ready and when the coverage will be sent.

Don’t get rid of anything until you’ve talked to your insurance company. Any materials or property that was damaged by a storm should be preserved until otherwise instructed by the insurance adjuster that they’re safe to dispose of. If it’s a legal issue to hold onto something, make sure to take pictures before you discard it to make sure your insurance claim considers it.

Write it all down in a claim journal. Anything with insurance or legality can come down to the details, which is why we recommend keeping records of everything. It’s not enough to just document pictures. If you talk to anyone about your claim, make a note of their name, title, and how to reach them in your journal. 

You should also write down when you talked to them, including the time and date and what specifically was discussed. Not only can a claims journal keep things organized, but it can make it easier to find information or documentation when you need it.

Stay aware of your emergency services. If you need storm damage roof repair, there’s a good chance you might have water issues in your home or business. It’s good to know who you can call for that. Xterior Pro Roofing & Siding, LLC is the best for roofing services, but emergency personnel can get rid of water and board any doors or windows.

You might also need an emergency service to cover your roof in a hurry before we get there. In many situations, your insurance company might send emergency services to your home or business to prevent damages getting worse. If the storm damages are bad enough to make your home unlivable, your provider can give you a check to cover excess living costs.

There are a lot of steps and tips to improve your chances of filing a successful insurance claim for storm damage. Whether you need roof installation, replacement, or simple or complex roof repair, you’ve come to the right place. Call Xterior Pro Roofing & Siding, LLC as soon as possible after the storm to get started with our trained experts!


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