Roof Installation Blog: Insulation and Attic Ventilation and Your Roof

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Roofing Blog: Insulation, Attic Ventilation, and Your Roof

Published 2/18/2022

Benefits of Roof Insulation

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or you’ve lived there for a while, you might not know the layers of your roof. Proper insulation and ventilation need to work in tandem to give your roof the best longevity. When that happens, you can reap savings on your electric bill and a longer roof life.

For the environmentally-conscious, it can also prevent gases in the ozone. Whatever the reason, you probably know that heat rises and moves throughout your home. Especially during the winter, heat goes into areas in your home that are colder.

When your insulation is done properly, it will retain the temperature better within your home. Not only does that means getting to be comfortable in the warmth of your room, but it prevents that heat from escaping into the outside world.

Of course, when we install your insulation, you can also count on the opposite during the hot summers. Give us a call today at 845-549-2069 to find out more about how we can help your roofing needs!

Do You Need Ventilation?

For your roof to function at its best, insulation won’t be enough because you still need correct ventilation. When they work together, you’ll also reduce moisture and dampness in your home.

This can help prolong your roof and the materials on it, but there are a number of other benefits of good ventilation:

  1. Your shingles and other materials will last longer because of better air circulation below.
  2. In colder areas or during the winter, ice dams won’t be an issue because water will run off your roof.
  3. With less humidity, you won’t have to worry as much about your roof deck rotting or weakening.
  4. The metal parts of your roof and attic will be less likely to rust.
  5. Less moisture usually means less chances of bacterial mold or mildew.

 As you can tell, the main purpose of ventilation is to give your roof interior proper air flow. That circulation prevents the humidity that can come with stagnant air, which can lead to weakened wood and cracking shingles. In other words, it’s important to know you’ve got enough ventilation up there.

Xterior Pro Roofing & Siding, LLC knows that larger homes might need more vents or that those vents can get clogged. Whatever the case, we’ll make sure that your home has the right ventilation to keep your roof safe. To know that you’re secure under your roof and you’ve got enough air flow, give us a call today!

Vents and Insulation Make a Difference

Ventilation makes a huge difference inside your home, but it’s not as simple as just adding insulation or cleaning existing vents. We’ve been doing this long enough to learn that there are a few major rules that determine proper needs: Circulation, ventilation types, and enough vents to cover your home’s space. You can trust that we know what we’re doing, but feel free to keep reading.

The ideal insulation will keep your heat or cool air inside your home and out of your attic. By keeping the heat in during the winter and the AC during the summer, you can save on electricity use. In that way, our installation could save you money in the long-run.

Life is about balance and the same goes for ventilation. You may not know that there are multiple types of vents, but your home needs as many ridge or exhaust vents as it does intake vents for proper circulation.

When it comes to figuring out how many vents you need, our experts go by the residential codes. Every 150 square feet of your home requires a vent, though there are situations where that can change to every 300 feet. If you’re worried about proper ventilation or insulation, give us a call!

What Can Our Quality Insulation Do For You?

One of the best statistics to answer this question is that almost half of the air loss in your house goes through the floor of your attic. If that’s not enough of an argument for insulation, what about the air coming into your home bringing in a lot of humidity? That moisture can cause damages to your roof deck and require expensive work.

However, before our team starts to insulate your home, it’s important that we figure out if there are any leaks. An obvious sign is water spots or stains, but common areas are circuit breakers, recessed lights, and the peaks of ceilings and walls.

Without these leaks being sealed, insulation can only be so effective. That’s why we’ll go through and patch leaks before the installation of your insulant. To make sure you’re getting the roofing expertise you deserve, call us today at 845-549-2069.

roof installation crew

Let's Talk Insulation Types

It may surprise you to know, but one of the most-effective choices for insulation is fiberglass. Our customers choose it for the thickness is provides, but we love working with it, too. It’s easy to use and fast to install, which can save you money on less labor.

The rolls of fiberglass insulation can vary in thickness, which affects the R-value. The batts come in rolls that we can layer if necessary, but attic spaces tend to be open. Of course, there’s also blown-in insulation, which is also easy to use and lets us control how much is going in.

Before we lay down the insulation in your attic, though, we’ll install baffles for keep your vents functioning and keep insulation out. We know the ins and outs of insulation, so you can trust us!

The Power of R-Value

If you’ve never heard of R-value, it’s basically how effective your insulation material is to losing heat. That thermal resistance usually comes down to thickness and how much insulation is used, so it’s important to hire a professional.

The fiberglass insulation discussed earlier can reach a similar R-value to that of other materials thanks to the thickness. Of course, since attics are usually wider and more open, it’s not hard to make those materials thicker so it’s really your choice.

For example, loose-fill can be whatever desired thickness you want for the best R-value. Depending on where you live, you might need a different R-value to properly insulated so call us at 845-549-2069 with any questions!

What to Know About Roofing Insulation and Ventilation

Xterior Pro Roofing & Siding, LLC has a lot of experience and knowledge, so you can trust that you’re getting the best when you hire us. Still, there are some common questions that we get asked so here are answers to those popular questions:

  1. Fiberglass and loose-fill insulation are frequent choices among our customers. However, the insulation you might want can depend on the slope of your roof or how open your attic is.
  2. The main factor that affects your attic’s insulation cost is which material you go with. Because it’s usually measured in square feet, that’s another reason that customers love the rolls of fiberglass insulation.

If you’re still on the fence about roofing ventilation and insulation, call us today and talk to our experts. Your electric bill shouldn’t be ridiculous and you shouldn’t have to live in sweltering heat or freezing cold because of poor insulation. Dial 845-549-2069 today and start the journey of living in comfort!


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