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Looking for a Professional Roofing Contractor?

Published 5/31/2023

Looking for a Professional Roofing Contractor?

There are a lot of ways to tell you need to look for a roofing professional. It could be that you notice water stains on the walls or ceiling and need roof repair in Wappingers Falls, NY. There might be damaged shingles on your roof, or they could be missing entirely after a storm. 

You could also have pests or mold in your attic. Whatever the reason for your roofing troubles, it all starts with choosing the best roofing contractor. Not only do you want someone with experience, but you want a contractor that offers certified services. 

Our trained roofers at Xterior Pro Roofing & Siding, LLC are prepared to handle all of your needs. We deliver quality results with satisfying customer service. If you want to make sure you’re making the right choice, there are several qualifications to watch for.

Your contractor should meet your standard for customer service and be financially stable. Whether you need roof repair or replacement, they should have all licenses required by your state or city for your roofing. 

The contractor should also have a general liability insurance that’s a minimum of $1 million. Let our team at Xterior Pro Roofing & Siding, LLC be your contractor when you give us a call today, or keep reading to know what to ask!

Choose the Right Roofing Contractor

Depending on the roofing service you need, there are different safety codes and building regulations to be met. You could also need special materials or equipment. Knowing how much of an investment roof replacement can be, it’s important to have the right contractor. 

It’s a good idea to start by narrowing your decision down to around 3 roofing contractors. You can get recommendations from your neighbors or friends, or you can look online for top roofers in your area. 

The Better Business Bureau can also be a great way to check the background of the contractor and find out if they had any customer issues or complaints. While not all issues are a red flag, see if and how these problems were resolved.

Once you’ve found a few that meet your requirements, you should schedule an interview with them. While a trusted recommendation is great, it’s good to have more information and make sure the contractor is capable of your roofing service. Here are 16 questions to get you started:

  1. Do they have all of the necessary licenses and certifications that your city or state requires? To know what those requirements might be, you can check with your local administration offices. A legitimate contractor should give you proof of their license to perform your roof replacement in Wallkill, NY.
  2. How much experience do they have with your particular roofing services? It’s important that they have experience with your roofing type and needs. Since a lot of owners come from previous companies, the amount of time they’ve spent in business doesn’t mean as much as what they’re familiar with.
  3. Will they do a complete inspection of your roof beforehand? A thorough inspection of your roof should be done by a professional contractor to find out the extent of damages. Areas of focus should include the attic, chimney, soil stacks, valleys, flashing, and roof decking. They should check for signs of storm damage and leaks throughout your home, especially if you have flat roofs
  4. Are they going to explain the correct roofing components and systems? Your roof is constructed with a lot of parts that work together to protect you and your property. From the roof and underlayment to the decking, each piece is a puzzle to keep your home secure.
  5. Will they make sure your attic has the right ventilation? Different roof designs call for different ventilation to have proper airflow. Your roofing contractor should examine the ventilation in your attic and explain why it’s important, since bad ventilation can damage your materials or lead to mold.
  6. Do they discuss the various roofing materials and visual options with their customers? Shingles are the most common material for roofing, and they come in multiple costs and colors. Depending on where you live, it could be a requirement for you to have reflective or impact-resistant shingles.
  7. Will they discuss the differences of how ice and water barriers function to protect your decking? Different weather can seriously affect your decking. Ice and snow has a different effect than rain, so your contractor should explain these potential damages and the sealant to prevent them.
  8. What references does the contractor have? They should be able to provide you with a list of references and how to contact some of them. If you need roof installation in Monroe, NY, for example, you might talk to previous customers with that service.
  9. How do they communicate with you? Pay attention to how they answer questions and listen to your questions. No matter how much the contractor asks for, they should have quality customer service and a communication style that you’re satisfied with. 
  10. Do they have a definite time frame when they’ll be able to work on your roof? Variables like weather or illness can cause a delay, but there should be a general idea of when your roofing service will be done.
  11. Does the roofing contractor have partnerships with any manufacturers? If they have experience with a brand or a partnership, it can sometimes benefit you with lower product costs or better warranties.
  12. Do they have general liability insurance? Any professional roofing contractor should have insurance coverage for possible accidents or damages. Skylights can be dangerous to work on, among other parts of your roof, so this insurance should be at least $1 million with a certificate to prove their coverage.
  13. Do they have clear terms of payment on paper? Depending on how long it will take for your contractor to start the roof replacement in Middleton, NY, they might need a deposit. If it won’t take long, though, you’ll probably just have to pay when it’s done. Either way, you should never have to pay up-front and you should find a payment schedule that works for you.
  14. Will you be given an estimate in writing? Not only should the contractor give you an accurate estimate, but it should be detailed with the materials and services needed. It should also show if they do the work themselves.
  15. Do they explain the difference between a warranty from manufacturers and what the workmanship warranty covers? Those aren’t the same and they typically cover different things.
  16. Do they offer financing? Roof repair in Beacon, NY can be expensive, so you might need a contractor that can help with the financial side. If the contractor’s partnered with a lender, it can also mean they’re financially sound, so it’s a win-win.

All of these are great questions to start with, though you can feel free to ask your own. It’s important to find out about your intended contractor and make sure they’re the right fit for your roof, since it protects you and roofing can be expensive.

The good news is that you’ll love working with Xterior Pro Roofing & Siding, LLC. Our experts know all about roof replacement, repair, and other areas to keep you safe with quality materials and results. Give us a call today when you’re ready for an estimate!


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